Kemar Jewel


Kemar Jewel (he/him) is a Black Queer Director and Choreographer from Jamaica, who was raised in Philadelphia. Kemar’s art can be seen in live performances, music videos, and musical theatre. As a member of the Legendary House of Lanvin, Kemar, a Drama League Musical Theatre Directing Fellow, draws inspiration and technique from the Ballroom scene and infuses it with his formal training from Temple University.  He went viral and became an internet sensation in 2014 for his Voguing Train video.

His projects have garnered over fourteen million views across various social media platforms and have been featured by TIME, VOGUE, FOX News, and in film festivals around the globe.  Most recently, Kemar’s newest project headlined 2021’s Global Black Pride event where Kemar’s work was presented after the keynote speaker, President Joe Biden. Kemar’s mission is to create art that showcases Black Queer and Trans people, and the communities they exist in.  For more information visit