Five Points

November 18th-20th, 2016

Book by Harrison David Rivers
Music by Ethan Pakchar & Douglas Lyons
Lyrics by Douglas Lyons
Directed by Megan Nicole O’Brien
Musical Directed by Ryan Touhey

Five Points, a slum neighborhood in Manhattan, serves as home to poor immigrants and free black families. With the Civil War draft stirring tension in the already fractured community, a recently widowed Irish father who will do anything for his son crosses paths with a young black man striving to break through barriers as he seeks fame and fortune.

Cast & Crew

Serenity Segarra

Lokyon Luke Kim

Kathleen Borelli

Marissa Hines

William Stephen Connell

Matt Flocco

Paul Caliendo

Amanda Robles

David Bardeen

Sam Nagel

Rob Tucker

Robi Hager

Xhenet Capani

Rachel Camp

Jack Henry

Luke Bradt

Daniel Guy

Grayce Hoffman

Kevin John Murray

Sav Souza

Michael Philip O’Brien

Vincent Crocilla

Jenna Pinchbeck

Michaela Shuchman

Rachel DeMasi

Rachel Brennan

Megan Nicole O’Brien

Steve Pacek

Ben Michael

Cara Noel Antosca

Colleen Hazlett

Kyleen Shaw

Brittnie Knight

Tyler Tejada

Michael Ogborn

Jake Blouch

Candace Thomas

Leah Walton

Bryan Black