Adapted by Mark Shanahan, from his A Merry Little Christmas Carol
Based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Sound design by John Gromada
Sound editing by Joel Abbott

A radioplay (think: podcast) version of the classic Dickens tale, set in Philadelphia in the 1840’s, when the city was the financial capital of the nation.  Listen in as Ebeneezer Scrooge’s quest for the Almighty Dollar forces him into a reckoning one fate-filled Christmas night with the age-old question, “will my life have been worth it?”  

AVAILABLE FOUR DAYS ONLY: 7pm on December 19th through 7pm December 23rd


Ian Merrill Peakes

Karen Peakes

Lindsay Smiling

Liz Filios

Owen Peakes

Justin Jain

Marybeth Gorman-Craig

Brian Anthony Wilson

Hillary Parker

Anna Lieberman

Alex Bechtel

Latonia Moore

Amanda Shaffern

Milo Toro

Billy Bustamante

Michael Philip O’Brien

Michael Doherty

Alex Keiper

Jesús Garcia

David M. Raine

Bi Jean Ngo

Dan Kazemi

Music Director

Rachel Camp

Robi Hager

Rob Tucker

Steve Pacek