11th Hour Theatre Company is seeking local actors of all ethnicities and gender identities for their upcoming Next Step Concert presentation of CHESSAEA SPT Level 2 contract. All roles paid.

Auditions will be held Tuesday, November 19th, by appointment only. Please submit an electronic copy of your headshot and resume to Peter at No phone calls, please.

Music by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus
Book and Lyrics by Tim Rice
Directed by Michael Philip O’Brien
Music Directed by Madison Auch
Character Breakdown
FLORENCE (mezzo/belter) 20s-30s. Freddie’s chess second, extremely smart and motivated. Will not be pushed around; torn between their commitment to Freddy and their feelings for Anatoly.
FREDDIE (high tenor) 20s-30s. American chess champion. Extremely talented yet a very tortured soul. A once-in-a-lifetime chess player. Loosely based on Bobby Fischer.
ANATOLY (baritenor) 30s. Russian chess champion. Very measured and focused player. Passionate about both chess and their country, but not at all political. Fed up with the Russian political machine and its use of them as a pawn in the Cold War.
MOLOKOV (bass) 40s-50s. Intense Russian bureaucrat who continuously reminds Anatoly that this is much more than a chess game; this is a war between two nations. Very smart and conniving, with a great sense of the political implications of each move he makes.
SVETLANA (mezzo/belter) 30s. Antatoly’s wife. Stoic and subdued. Very strong in their own right. A dramatic contrast to Florence.
ARBITER (high tenor) 30s. Host/referee of the chess tournament. They have a quick temper and very strict when it comes to the rules of the game. Always aware that they are in the spotlight and love being in charge.
WALTER (baritone) 30s-40s. American marketing expert and representative of Freddie’s television sponsor. He is there to keep Freddie in check and make as much money as possible for his company.
Production Dates
First Rehearsal: Monday, January 6, 2020
Opening: January 11th, 2020
Closing: January 19th, 2020


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